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ZENZPA. Totally RelaxZen!


Lic. #CE10019501

Lic. #MA34056

2886 Tamiami Trail Suite 7

Port Charlotte, Fl. 33952

Tel: (786) 201-1813


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Bio-Magnetic Therapy


ZENZKIN Clinical Skin Care Products!

ZENZKIN. Amazing Skin Care. Amazing Results


Enjoy Luxurious Spa Treatments

After a long day at work, unwind at ZENZPA. We offer a variety of soothing treatments that help alleviate stress and reduce muscle soreness. Let us give you the pampering you need so you can rejuvenate your mind and body.


Featured Services

Bio-Magnetic Therapy 

Our exclusive Bio-Magnetic Therapies are a total risk-free alternative treatment. It is based on the philosophy that our physical bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field also known as the "human aura". This energy field is composed of ions. We believe that positioning our special magnets at specific points around the body will cause ions out of order to be re-arranged. Once ions are back in order, our bodies and Ph levels are re-balanced and a better sense of wellness is achieved!

Lypossage Cellulite & Slimming

Lypossage is a specific type of manual therapy that Flushes and drains cellulite from the areas just below the skin. Lypossage contours and shapes the areas of the body, targeting the inches around the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks without the use of surgical tools. Lypossage works as a natural detox and cleanse for the body, reducing the appearance of cellulite, contouring and shaping at the same time.

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Massage Therapy

We offer many massage modalities including our signature treatment, “The Muscular Tune-Up”. This specialized form of Trigger Point Massage took us many years to develop and can eliminate most pain issues in about 5 sessions!


Our Zen Esthetician will analyze your skin and recommend one of our indulging, facials depending on your current skin care needs. ZENZKIN, our exclusive Clinical Skin Care line, has been scientifically formulated to produce maximum results for any skin concern.

We believe that a facial is not a true facial without a deep pore cleansing, so rest assured that every facial we perform will include extractions!

ZENZKIN  Clinical Skin Care Products

ZENZKIN. Amazing Skin Care. Amazing Results!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I Recently had a massage with Miangel who is a true Trigger Point Massage for Pain specialist. After just two sessions my arm and shoulder pain is already 80% better! I will be recommending him to all of my clients!

- Michelle, Barber/Hairstylist in Port Charlotte, Florida

Our Commitment to You

ZENZPA was born after many years of experience creating the finest treatments for luxury resorts and spas. All of our treatments have been designed with "Zen" in mind. Zen means peace, calm, connect. Because you deserve your "Zen" time, you deserve a ZENZPA treatment!

Feel the Zen!

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Tel: (786)201-1813

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