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ZENZPA in Port Charlotte, Florida is dedicated to providing amazing spa treatments that exceed your expectations. Our services are effective at alleviating pain, improving your mood, and more.

Why We Believe Trigger Point Massage is the Best Treatment for Pain!

May 6, 2018

Do you have a chronic pain condition that never goes away?

You have probably tried massage therapy, yoga, medical doctors, physical therapy, acupuncture, even a Voo-Doo practitioner or Shaman! You have tried almost everything out there! You have been prescribed cortisone shots, stretching, muscle strengthening, pain creams, heat packs, cold packs, etc., etc., and nothing seems to work!

The permanent cure to your daily suffering could be right in the fingerstips of a Trigger Point Massage Specialist! Miangel R-Cartier L.M.T. the Pain Specialist at ZenZpa explains why.

"At ZenZpa, we follow the teachings of Dr. Janet G. Travell. We believe Dr. Travell is the maximum authority when it comes to pain management. She was the White House Primary Physician of president JFK who suffered from Myofascial pain for most of his life. She literally kept him moving and functional. Dr. Janet Travell spent 60 years of her life investigating the cause of pain before her first book Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual was ever published!"

So what is a Trigger Point?

"A Myofascial Trigger Point is a contraction or "knot" in a muscle fiber. We believe that 95% of pain is caused by a trigger point. Once formed, the trigger point can accompany you for the rest of your life! It may remain in a "latent" (no pain manifestation) state, until one day it "wakes up" and begins to make your life miserably painful. That's until it is searched, found, and eliminated.

Most trigger points will cause referred pain, that is why pain elimination requires a Trigger Point Specialist and other massage modalities won't work! Knowing the trigger point referred pain pattern is the key! For example, low back pain can be caused by any of seven different trigger points in which six of them are distant from the low back. If the therapist does not know all of the trigger point locations, it will be impossible to help the client.

In our experience, a trigger point will release in 3 to 5 sessions. That is considered amazing for someone who has dealt with chronic pain for years and has spent thousands of dollars looking for a cure!"

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