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ZENZPA. Totally RelaxZen!

Massage Therapy

ZENZPA in Port Charlotte, Florida offers massage therapy to help you ease the tension in your muscles and relieve pain. We do a wide range of massage modalities that suit your needs. 

We Offer Complimentary Aromatherapy With Any Massage!


“The Muscular Tune-Up” Trigger Point Massage

60 Min $85     Package of 5 ONLY $340

Our signature and most requested massage for pain management. This massage has been specially developed by our Master Zen Therapist Miangel R-Cartier L.M.T. to address all muscular pain issues. With our exclusive technique most muscular pain issues can be resolved within 5 sessions. Our Zen Trigger Point Specialist will focus on the pain site while also "tuning-up" the whole muscular system. Your whole body will feel revived, re-balanced, and pain-free!

Instant Zen Massage & Instant Bliss Facial Combo

60 Min $90     Package of 5 ONLY $360

Our signature face and body treatment offers the best of both worlds. It combines our Instant Zen Massage with our Instant Bliss Facial. You will come out feeling great and looking awesome!

Instant Zen Massage 30 Min $45

This massage is great for those with a lot of tension in the neck, back, and shoulders, but with little time to spend. Come and "Feel the Zen" even during your lunch break!

Other Massage Modalities 60 Min $75

Package of 5 ONLY $300 

    • Swedish
    • Deep Tissue
    • NeuroMuscular
    • Sports
    • Thai
  • Reflexology
  • Prenatal
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